Get Songbird and get going

Download Songbird for your Mac or PC. Manage your music and videos, build playlists, browse, search, and sort. Then sync your music to your portable music player or phone. Songbird makes it simple.
Sync your music on your PC, smart phone or MP3 player. Listen to streaming audio and Internet radio.

Playlists: Build smart playlists, filter and sort your music instantly.

Downloads: Download and purchase music from popular MP3 sites, including 7digital and Available add-ons accelerate downloads for fast, reliable service.

CD Ripping: Get your tracks from your CD collection to your Songbird music library quickly, with our CD Rip add-on.

Audio formats: Supports MP3, AAC, OGG, FLAC, WMA, WAV formats.

Video comes to Songbird with crystal clear clarity, and seamless playback, on the go, on supported media players.

Video formats: Supports H.264, Windows Media Video, MPEG4 formats.

Take your memories with you on your player or smart phone.

Picture formats: Supports BMP, GIF, JPEG, and PNG formats.

Songbird now supports the latest generation of smart phones and media players.

Transfer: Auto synchronize or manually drag-and-drop files on MSC (Mass Storage Class) and MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) devices.

Smart load: Intelligently load files depending on available space on the device.

SD cards: Transfer files to and from device SD cards.

Transcode: On-the-fly transcoding converts files to play on supported media players.

Enhance your media experience with hundreds of add-ons that can add features, integrate services and customize Songbird.

Feathers: Customize the look and feel of Songbird with Feathers.

MediaFlow: Browse your collection by flipping through album.

mashTape: Bring songs to life for a 360° experience. Load YouTube videos, artist biography, Wikipedia discography, GoogleNews updates, and Flickr photos. Discover new music.

Want more? Add your own service or features using the Songbird open source developer’s platform.

Media Management
Manage your media simply and easily with Songbird.

Sync: Sync your Songbird library to and from iTunes. Set up watch folders to keep Songbird in sync as your media changes over time.

Manage media: View and organize media by category such as genre, artist, or album. Edit and view track metadata in various tag formats.

Downloads: Automatically download tracks from the Web directly into Songbird.

Album art: View and add album art.

Open Source
Built on the same Mozilla framework used for the Firefox Web browser and other open source projects.

Open APIs: Create your own add-on to extend Songbird's functionality, customize its look, or integrate your service. Or, your website can use the Songbird Webpage API to directly interact with Songbird's media player functions without requiring the development of an add-on.

GStreamer: Use the GStreamer plug-in framework to playback a wider selection of media and easily add more codecs and formats.

Deep linking: Create deep-links from your website to Songbird via the Songbird Protocol Handler.

Community: Collaborate with the Songbird community on future enhancements, suggested add-ons, and player questions.

Compliance: Comply with relevant open-source licensing requirements.

Languages & Supported Platforms
Open source, cross platform, and built for the World Wide Web.

Localization: Songbird sounds sweet in over 50 languages.

Windows: Windows 7, Vista, XP SP3

Mac: Mac Intel OS X 10.5+