Why partner with Songbird?

Build better relationships with more customers

With millions of downloads, Songbird is quickly becoming one of the most popular media platforms around. Songbird is built so any user can access their media wherever they go. By helping drive engagement, usage, and loyalty, Songbird provides an opportunity for you to build even more connected relationships with your customers.

Across more platforms

If you're interested in providing a better way for consumers to find, share, manage, and enjoy media we can help. And we can do it on your portable player or phone, by leveraging your online store or media services, or by driving traffic across your network.

With more choices

When you leverage Songbird, you give your customers more choices about how they experience their music, video and photos: streamed, purchased, rented or downloaded, on their desktop, on their handset, or in their living room. At the end of the day, your customer wants their media when they want it, where they want it. Making that choice seamless is what Songbird is all about.

We’re eager to work with you. Let’s talk about how, working together, we can build something that’s differentiated and high value. That drives usage and revenue. And that can help redefine how consumers think about media experiences.