Mozilla Engineer

We are looking for outstanding Platform and Application Engineers to implement Songbird's media player functionality on the Mozilla Foundation's platform of XUL, JavaScript and XPCOM (C++).

The ideal profile

We are looking for engineers that are really into open source and can work collaboratively within the open source community to solve problems. You are a Mozilla developer with a bias to a particular platform, and desktop development experience. You write high quality code, and you're also looking to provide a voice in product design and direction.


  • Implementation of basic media player functionality using XUL, JavaScript, and/or XPCOM.
  • Encapsulation of functionality into XBL bindings.
  • Execute against the vision to ensure Songbird is a force in the open source software world.
  • Deliver project assignments on short deadlines while maintaining high quality.

Required Skills

  • Mozilla Technology
    • XPCOM in JavaScript and C++
    • XBL and XUL with JavaScript and CSS
    • Moz API's for networking, filesystem, localization, UI, etc.

Preferred Skills

  • Cross-platform and OS Development
    • make/autoconf/buildbot
    • Win32/OS X/Linux UI, media, filesystem, or other native programming experience
  • Web Services
    • REST/JSON/XmlHttpRequest
  • Platform Development
    • Experience building and documenting APIs designed for other programmers.
    • Tool making and utilities.
    • Open source community participation.

High quality code samples and good Mozilla community references are worth more than the length of one's resume.

This position reports to the Vice President of Engineering.




You are preferably located near San Francisco, California.

Compensation and Relocation

Pioneers of the Inevitable, Inc. has created a competitive compensation and equity package. Relocation assistance is designed on a per case basis. In short, we'll be creative to get you here.


If you have the eggs to join us, please send your resume and a cover letter with the subject "Your name - Mozilla Engineer - via" to All communication and correspondence is held in the strictest confidence to ensure that you can connect and learn more without exposure.

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