Developer Center

For developers only. If you're a looking for Songbird, click Product. The Songbird Development Center is a repository of code, collection of builds, and a library of API references all designed to help you extend Songbird's functionality, change the look and feel, or build cool new web apps that leverage Songbird's web integration capabilities.

We've got tons of resources that can show you how to get started coding for Songbird, submit code, join a discussion forum, squash bugs, and more.

New to Songbird Development?

Start here if you are new to Songbird Development. We’ve put together a guide that explains the difference between an Extension and a Feather, and we’ll show you where to begin with APIs, integration resources, and code submission. View the Songbird developer guide »

API References

Web Developers

Develop your own music and media-rich Web service.
View our resources for the Webpage API »

Visual Designers

Create customized Feathers for a personalized take on the Songbird player.
See Songbird Feathers Resources »

Extension Gurus

Extend functionality and build a better experience. Get development tools and extensions.
Start with Songbird Extension Resources »

JS/C/C++ Developers

Build a better Songbird. Write new features, implement code, and integrate patches.
Checkout our Core Developer Resources, join the sb core developer group, or jump straight to SVN info.


It’s all Songbird, all the time in the Songbird discussion groups. Talk in real-time using our IRC channel. Fire up our web chat page, or use your own client and join us over at irc://
For coders building extensions, Feathers, or web services using our webpage API, come by our Songbird Developers Google Group for mailing list/forum support.

If you're working on core Songbird player development, you can get support at the sb_core Google Group.

Bug Squash. Find a bug and kill it. Use our Bugzilla bug database.
Help translate Songbird into your own locale at our Translation Site.

Share your Add-on

Have you created a new add-on for Songbird? Submit it here and share it with everyone!

Nightly Builds

Songbird is rapidly evolving with new features, updates and patches.
Get the latest builds here!
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Developer Intro

If you're new to Songbird development, start with this essential introduction to all our APIs.


How-to guides get you up and running with tutorials, instructions, explanations, and sample code. Read the Getting Started guides to get started now.


Sample code for each of our APIs, 100% complete from start to finish. Get all the complete extensions, Feathers, and 100% working music store/music blog code using our Webpage API.

Recipe Book

Songbird made simple. 100% free, MIT-licensed, highly reusable code snippets let you quickly do things like "Make a bookmark", "Stop playback", or "Add a webpage listener". Copy, paste, and re-use.

Reference Docs

Deep dive reference docs. For the hairiest challenges. Highly technical, richly detailed.