MediaFlow by John M

Adds a nice album art preview to Songbird


MediaFlow adds a new media view for your library and playlists you can access from the View>Media Views>MediaFlow menu.

This works well with the FocusTrack extension. With FocusTrack the currently shown album will change when the track changes. If you would like the default album art image to look different you may want to take a look at the Vinyl Album Art extension.

If you want to change the background you need to change the styles in chrome://mediaflow/skin/flow.css The reflections should change to match the background color

Todo: If you have an album with multiple artists and want them to show up as one album, make sure all of the tracks have the same album artist property. This can be set when editing their metadata or inline the playlist if you add the album artist column. The album artist property is looked at first and if it doesn't exist the artist is looked at when checking whether tracks with the same album name belong to the same album.

Note: If you use linux you may notice really slow scrolling. It looks like the slowness occurs with certain proprietary gfx drivers like the nvidia accelerated graphics drivers used for 3d affects and programs like compiz. This is either an issue with the drivers and cairo or the drivers and mozilla. I don't think there is anything I can change to fix the issue.

Release Notes

-Refactored Code
-Added preference to not look at albumArtist property
-Max version set to 1.5.0a






To quote myself from IRC:

stevel: holy hawwwwwwwtness


This is amazing! Only wish it were a little smoother...kind of slow on my tablet with vista and 2gb of ram. I realize vista is probably the reason. Otherwise great thing I noticed though is that if I click the skip song button the cover does not change.


Thx JohnM

For me it works like a charm, in Ubuntu 8.04LTS. Its a really nice feuture, smooth and nice looking.

A couple of things you could add. It would be nice if it displayed the albums on the same order as the library does, for example I organize my library by Genre it would be cool if the albums were on that order. It would also be cool if you added a full screen mode or something like that but it would have to have some kind of view to see the songs in the album. Like fliping it backwards or something like that.

Good job and thx on a great add-on

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