Connecting artists and fans worldwide

When we go to a concert, we experience the music in our own unique way along with others who have similar interests. We take photos through our own perspective, await the song that means the most to us and together we enjoy a collective music experience that we share with others.

However, unlike a concert, today's world of digital music is fragmented across hundreds of sites, applications and services. This makes it challenging to easily connect with artists you love, find new artists you might be interested in, and socialize with other fans who have similar music interests.

Because your music experience is about so much more than simply playing songs, Songbird takes an entirely new approach to connecting fans and artists: by making it personal and social, all in one place.

With, fans can easily express their music interests with millions of people who share their passion or may be looking for something new. Similarly, artists can see who their current super fans are and connect with new listeners in unique, effective ways.

Experience the new Songbird and connect through the music you love.

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