Is Online Flippingbook The New Digital Format?

My company’s success is heavily tied to a digital, online format. This format has to be at the fore of technological innovations because this signals to my websites’ visitors that my group of websites are credible. The credibility that this level of advancement gains our company leads to the development of long term, return customers. If I could point to a single development that transitioned my businesses into thriving enterprises, it would be the discovery of an online flippingbook developer. is an online flippingbook developer that had the depth to make significant impacts on my business immediately. Online flippingbooks are online, magazine-styled publications. There are significant benefits to utilizing flippingbooks to optimize my online businesses, but there are also benefits to having access to an easy to utilize, comprehensive platform in which to produce these flippingbooks.

The correct platform has several characteristics, but a great benefit to my company was the ability to utilize PDF files. My company has an extensive archive of PDF files that were really not conducive to my business to utilize. In raw form, PDFs sometimes load slowly. Slowly loading websites and content causes website visitors to become irritated and often leave the websites and never return. Additionally, these disgruntled visitors will not only not visit the site, but they will give bad reviews by word of mouth and sometimes in writing. Another drawback to slowly loading content is that the slow speed will cause Google to negatively rank websites that have this problem. Because of these issues, many people simply chose to abandon utilizing PDF formats. The dilemma is that many companies like mine heavily favored the format and placed years of content on PDF.

A online flippingbook is necessary

I was pleasantly surprised that the online flippingbook publisher that we were considering also utilized PDF files to produce the online flippingbook. However, even with comprehensive options and an easy-to-use format, the publications still have to have all the qualities for which successful physical magazines are known like the glossy style pages and very dynamic features. Google considers these qualities the hallmark of the authoritative content and dynamic web design that they favor when they are included in websites. People that do not utilize the format will incur more costs publishing the additional online publications that will allow them to remain competitive and interesting. This will be combined with the very real added costs of procuring content.

Business Acumen

Some less proficient business owners may question the necessity of an online flippingbook, but the psychology that is involved is sound. The web as it is today is a very recent invention. Because of this, many people spent their entire lives shopping and buying things by utilizing a physical publication like brochures, magazines and catalogs. Additionally, although the amount of business that is done online is growing exponentially each year, approximately 80 percent of business is still done by visiting these non-digital publications and other offline venues. By offering a digital option that simulates the physical characteristics of the real-world publications, people will very naturally gravitate toward these types of online flippingbook formats when they are perusing the Web to shop. These people will also consider the digital format familiar enough to make purchases and spend more time on the sites. This extended time that is spent on sites increase sales greatly and is highly favored when Google considers the website’s ranking.

In online flippingbooks, even the action of turning pages is replicated. This action furthers relates the customer to the familiar characteristics of the magazines that endear those publications to their readers. Readers is a misnomer because the actual content that they are reading is not there simply to entertain or engage a reader, but to convert those readers into potential customers because they feel some congruency with the publication. By using an online flippingbook platform, my company can target multiple specific niches with the type of content that converts them with the type of content that is personal to them with a format that is familiar in their world.

The diversification has been the source of my company’s strength throughout our entrance into the digital world. When certain areas are showing strength, we can specifically target those areas with brochures first and then offer catalogues and magazines. We have gotten really good at this so our inventory of websites is always shifting. This brings the most excellent feature of into scope. is free. There are some paid services that really makes the platform dynamic, but its free features are sufficient to bring any business into the future. Even if the free platform is utilized with add-ons, it is much more economical than sites that have fees for every interaction. I thought was my own personal find, but they have produced over 20 million publications by millions of users.

There are some very nice features that accompany this free platform. First, supports all computer devices including mobile and desktop platforms. This is important because most internet acquisitions occur via mobile devices. The publications are automatically optimized for Google which is the most favorable search engine. However, they are also optimized for the lesser search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

Additionally, allows me to utilize my company’s own branding. I did not have to waste time redeveloping multiple logos, and this would have cost my company dearly because of the shifting website model that we utilize. I can embed my publications throughout the social media platforms that we utilize. This includes Facebook, but more importantly, it means that I can embed them on the website and in my online stores. I am able to offer nice brochures and a catalogue of our products with the online flippingbook appeal.

Additionally, within these publications, I am able to embed video and audio. This effects my Google ranking, and keeps people on my websites viewing the dynamic content which in turn makes them more likely to make purchases. My Google ranking is also bolstered because Yumpu allows me to link from my flippingbooks to my online stores and to our company and website blogs as well as the websites themselves. Because the Yumpu platform is fully integrated with the most prominent social networks, I can initiate campaigns that drive our sales greatly across all of our websites.

However, one of the best features of is their unparalleled support structure. Most other free online platforms are very difficult to utilize like open source networks. Open sources platforms have almost no support and only the most technological advanced users of their site can navigate their processes. This is a problem because even the simplest platforms were hard for me to utilize. I thought this would be a problem because was free, but their support is the best in the industry. It is the reason that I settled on the site beyond all of their other positive characteristics.

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