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A jquery flippingbook sounded like just the thing for my non-profit’s online magazine, which was in the form of a PDF file. The format would allow for big, beautiful color photographs, text, and visual effects. And I was assured that the software to make all of this happen could easily be located online, and best of all, it was free. So I tried one of these free jquery flippingbook packages. And it was a diaster!
Instead of a virtual publication that could be flipped through like the real thing, the result was a file that took forever to download. And once it was finally up onscreen, a viewer was “treated” to a publication that was difficult to navigate, with pages that didn’t line up correctly if it was viewed on a mobile device.

I tried a couple of other jquery flippingbook templates, got similar results, and began to despair of ever being able to utilize this format for my publication. Then a friend told me about Magazines created here, my friend assured me, were not only easy to set up and simple for readers to access. The end result for my PDF file would be a beautiful, professional magazine with multiple pages. Multi-media embeds were included with Yumpu’s free service option. And once on the Web, my publication would be reaching millions of readers. Not bad for a little non-profit publication about wildflowers!

jQuery flippingbook To The Rescue

I was skeptical after my previous experiences, but with a deadline looming and few other options, I went to There, I was shown where to bring my PDF file for uploading, and unlike other sites I had previously visited, was guided through the steps of creating my jquery flippingbook, including being shown where to embed videos, animation, and dialog. The conversion process of transforming PDF file to flippingbook took only minutes.

Yumpu also took care of all coding and formatting issues for me. And the result was a publication that could be read not only on full sized computer screens, but also on tablets and smartphones. I didn’t have to worry about where I was going to store and later access my converted data. Yumpu did it for me on the cloud. And what did I pay for this vast improvement that saved my project? Nothing. Yumpu is free. And not only did I put together a publication that reached its expected audience, through, I suddenly and literally had a potential audience of millions more.

Yumpu Is More Than Just A Pretty flippingbook

My objective in converting to a jquerry flippingbook from a PDF file was to lose that awkward PDF format. But I wanted readers to be able to do more than flip through static pictures and text. With Yumpu, I am able to embed videos right on the same page, and add sound and narration as well. These embeds were possible by means of a code provided by Yumpu, which can be edited, meaning that the flippingbook creator controls the viewing and sound experience, not the provider.

These flippingbooks are great at Sharing

When you create a digital publication these days, your goal is not random readership. You know that social media sites are key in spreading the word about your work and increasing your readership. However, many publishers offering digital publication creation don’t understand this. If you want to be followed on Twitter or Facebook, you’re on your own. Not so with Yumpu, however. It’s easy to establish connections to these and other social media outlets from your flippingbook. Even more importantly, it’s easy for readers on those social media sites to link to your creation and spread the word to others using these sites. Your readers can also use your publication to link to other websites, secure online stores, and the blogs of other writers. With the extra “oomph” of these sites, your publication viewings will increase exponentially.

And have you ever logged onto a publication, blog, or website and immediately been deluged with advertising, either static or in the form of videos? Pretty obnoxious, right? And yet the creator must do this, in order to have access to a “free” site. Not so with Yumpu’s flippingbooks, which have an ad free policy. You’re not obligated to agree to allow advertising in order to use this feature, and you’re protected from outside advertisers poaching your space as well. Readers can enjoy your publication as you meant it to be.

And Yumpu now offers a couple of new ways in which you and your readers can enjoy your jquery flippingbook. It wasn’t too long ago that no one had heard of an application. Now they are a must for accessing the internet for a variety of functions with mobile devices. And you and your digital publications don’t have to be left out of this. With a single click, Yumpu allows you to install your own app, to aid in downloading future editions of your publication without problems to iPhones and iPads. In addition to offering you your very own app, Yumpu has a feature called Web Kiosk. Like any other publisher, we digital ones don’t want just one issue of our magazines to be read.

Customize this kiosk to meet your needs

In addition to future ones, we want our readers to be able to find and enjoy all editions that we put out, including past ones to create brand excitement. Not only does Web Kiosk allow readers to easily see and access various issues, you can customize this kiosk to meet your needs and make it even more attractive to readers.

And once your publication begins to grow and you want to explore more options with it, like offering professional services, Yumpu offers its Pro Kiosk feature. This paid service offers creators the chance to create user group tags, open and operate publication “stores”, and much more.

Earlier, I mentioned all the problems and frustrations I had been encountering with other companies offering file-to-publication services in terms of downloading problems and poor instructions. To be fair, everyone sometimes has a bad day. So what have my experiences been like when I have had to go to Yumpu’s support services due to product issues or confusion over how to utilize features? Other companies offer “support services” that consist of “robo voices” that try to solve problems with generic yes or no questions, or a single harried human worker who frantically tries to get to the next caller in line. With Yumpu, clients have the option of live calling and e-mailing, and response time is quick. When I dealt with an embedding problem, I was contacted by Yumpu in less than a day, and the technician worked with me until the situation was corrected.

Users trying to create jquery flippingbooks from PDF files will find lots of provider options out there. These providers claim to offer a lot, especially free services. But downloading problems, formatting nightmares, and poor support doesn’t make their offers of free services seem like much of a bargain at all. For beautiful, professional publications that will attract literally world wide attention, only one provider will do, and that is

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