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I like to write: short stories, chaptered stories, poems, you name it. There is nothing nicer than getting to read my work in a format that is available to other people, whether my writing is up on a forum, a blog, a social media site, or another similar place. However, for a while, I had wanted to compile my works into one file so it would be easily accessible to others. I could not do that by putting it all into one blog post; it just did not look appealing. Similarly, just compiling links to each story or poem did not quite do it for me.

I had seen HTML5 PDF flippingbooks on numerous websites before, so I started wondering how I could get one of those on my blog. I initially thought that I would have to download a program or pay for the service of converting a PDF into a flipbook, but after a little research, I found It was quick, easy to use, and FREE, so once I used it, I never looked back.

Beautiful HTML5 Flippingbooks

My first impression of the site was an excellent one. The website itself is well-organized and visually pleasing, so it just looks like the kind of website that will deliver on what it promises. I started by looking through the HTML5 PDF flippingbooks available on the site to get an idea of what kinds of magazines they produced and how well the flippingbooks worked. Each one looks beautiful and flows beautifully, and there are immediate options to share each magazine on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media sites, as well as a code to embed the HTML5 PDF flipbook in your website. Those options are always a plus if you want to get more people to read your material, so I was even more interested in using the site.

After taking a look at a few more of the countless HTML5 PDF flippingbook that were available, I went back to the front page and looked into’s features: compatibility with desktop and mobile devices, full integration with major social media networks, the option to use your own branding, the ability to embed audio and video in the flipbook, the ability to use links in the flipbook, and incomparable support. Probably the best part of it all was that all of those features were available for FREE. After watching a brief video to see the service in action, I was convinced; this was exactly what I needed.

My Experience

Using was easy. All I had to do was log in with Facebook (though logging in with Google and Twitter are also options) and upload my PDF. Almost instantly, my PDF was converted into a gorgeous flipbook for everyone to read. It was that simple! It was just as easy to get the flipbook up on my blog and on my Facebook. Since converting my PDF to a flipbook, I have gained more readers and more feedback, and the satisfaction that has given me would not have been possible with any other service.

The Verdict

So, would I recommend this site to others? Of course! It was quick and user-friendly, the HTML5 PDF flippingbooks that come out of it are beautiful and readable on any device, and best of all, it’s free. So to people out there who are looking for a way to get their magazines out there, go to! It will be the best choice you make for your magazine.

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