How I Converted a PDF to a HTML5 Flippingbook

A little while back ago I wanted to create an online flippingbook, and I wanted to create it from the PDF that I had. Long story short, I started to test out various types of software, as I wanted to find the best one, and after doing some research, I found one the perfect one that met and exceeded my expectations. This tool is powerful, and not only that, but the tool was extremely easy to use and affordable (cost-free) and it was a lot of fun using it.

You see, I needed a flippingbook on my blog because I wanted content that could be read as if it was being read in a magazine, except online, hence why I wanted a flippingbook. You see, my background is in fitness and health, and I wanted to create an online flippingbook that I could distribute and have on my site (a html5 flippingbook magazine) and in it I wanted to include advice about exercising and so forth. I also wanted to create an issue every month and put the issue on my site and distribute it. The tool that I found allowed me to do just that. That tool was

The HTML5 Flippingbook Solution Was…

As mentioned above, I needed to get my PDF into html5 flippingbook form, and the solution I found was Yumpu. Let’s discuss how this tool solved my problem and exceeded my expectations. All I did was join Yumpu, and then follow the very easy instructions, which was to upload my PDF and before I knew it, it was converted into a gorgeous flippingbook. It was fast, easy and free to do. Even though it sounds so simple, there are so many features that this tool has, and that I love, which will be discussed below.

Features And How Yumpu Helped Me

As you already know, what I really needed was a html5 flippingbook ( a magazine that can be placed on my site) and allowed me to do just that, but it also allowed me to do much more than that. After I was able to place the html5 flippingbook on my site, I decided to see where else I could share my new magazine, and it turned out that I could easily integrate it in many places, all thanks to Yumpu.

Seriously, all I had to do was upload my PDF files, wait a little bit, and then it became a magazine that I was able to publish to my site and share to various social media sites. In matter off fact, I was easily able to share my flippingbook on Facebook, Twitter and so forth, and it was extremely easy to do, all thanks to the software.

Also, let’s not forget to mention that my magazine got published right away on Yumpu, as they not only provide you with the software you need to convert your PDF to a flippingbook, but they are a digital/newsstand, which means my publication was available for people to read to whoever visited Yumpu and came across it.

Basically, to sum up the above, some of the features that helped me a lot are as followed:

  • Convert PDF to html5 flippingbook format by uploading PDF
  • Easy to publish flippingbook on website/blog
  • Software makes it easy to share on social media
  • Magazines get published right away on Yumpu

More Features Worth Mentioning

Asides from the features I discussed above, there are even more awesome things that I love about this software, and I want to mentioned them because they really are useful features that have helped me get the most from my flippingbook.

One of the best things about the software is that it supports all devices, which is good news for me and my readers. This means readers can view my magazine from their mobile phones, or right from their desktop computer or their tablets, iPads and any other device you can possibly think of. Not only that, but all I had to do was embed the magazine on the platforms that I wanted to, and that was extremely easy to do.

For example, once you convert your PDF to a flippingbook, then you can embed it on Facebook, your online shop, blog and so forth. Perhaps one of the best features is that the flippingbook is actually optimized for the search engines, which means there is a lot of potential that people will search for things related to the content of my magazine and find it on Yumpu, and that is awesome.

I also like to use videos in my publications and the software even allows me to embed video, as well as audio into publications, and it is very easy to do. Another feature that is worth mentioning is that you have the ability to link from the flippingbook to sites, blogs, shops and so forth, and I absolutely love this because it is useful. Above all, Yumpu provides excellent customer support, regardless of if you are using the free version of the software or if you are a premium member.

  • Yumpu supports all devices
  • It is easy to embed
  • It is optimized for search engines
  • Add video and audio to publications
  • Great customer support
The bottom line is that I recommend this software to anybody who wants to convert a PDF to a magazine (flippingbook) or if you want to create an online magazine that you can distribute to various sites, including your own website, an online shop and various social media websites. If you are like me, and you want to provide your audience with useful content, then look into Yumpu.
They make it easy to create a magazine or to convert your PDF to a flippingbook, and don’t forget, they actually publish your magazine on their platform, so anyone else who uses the software or comes across their site could end up seeing your magazine. This means you could end up getting even more readers. I love this software and I will continue to use it for many years to come. When it comes to features and support, you just cannot get any better than Yumpu.

I recommend that you visit Yumpu today and find out just how easy it is to convert your PDF.

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