Free PDF Flippingbook Solution? Oh Yes!

I wanted to share a nifty little tool with you today that will let you take a standard PDF file and create a free pdf flippingbook that will amaze your friends, customers, and the world in general. It’s called Yumpu and you can read all about it at

If you’ve ever wanted to create a digital ebook, manual, trade publication, or magazine from a simple PDF file, this is the one to use. I know what you’re thinking: That sounds too complicated. That’s what I used to think. Well, actually I’m tech savvy and have my own media company. I’m also a well-known content writer on the web, so I know how to do a lot of things with technology. But the problem was the software. Any software that I downloaded to convert PDFS just converted from PDF to MS Word, or from MS Word to PDF, or from PDF to JPEG. Sure, I could save the creations like that. But if I couldn’t put them online and share them with the world, what was the use?

Then I Found a Free PDF Flippingbook Solution

Yumpu is an all-in-one solution for converting PDFs to flippingbook format that allows you to actually create your own free pdf flippingbook/digital publication and share it on their server. This means you are sharing your idea with millions of people who already like the Yumpu format and platform. This gives you more exposure than you could ever imagine and puts you right in the middle of the publishing world in a big way.

Ok, so you’re not a publisher. That’s okay. You may not be focused on publishing. Maybe you don’t want to set the world on fire with the latest magazine that solves all of the worlds problems. That’s fine. But have you ever thought about creating a publication for your employees that they could go to the site to read any time? You can even publish updates any time you see fit. Use it as a way to communicate with clients, vendors, or others so you don’t have to call them all individually! Imagine the time you’ll save having an online publication that will allows you to communicate with the masses by offering a free publication solution as well as a free PDF flip book solution.

Features and Functions you’ll Love

Here are Yumpu’s main features. You will notice that they are the same important features that Google rewards as well:

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Supports all major devices
  • FREE (with paid options for more features)
  • Use it with your own branding
  • Embed audio and video
  • Support 24/7
  • Link to websites and blogs
  • Social media integration

As you can see, Yumpu has thought of everything. You can create your own flippingbook from a standard PDF file in no time at all and get it all free! What more could you ask for.

If you are still not convinced that Yumpu is a great solution for your business, consider the following creations you can make from this easy-to-use free pdf flippingbook solution.

  1. Free brochure for customers- Use it as a communication publication to inform customers about new products or services.
  2. Ebook creator- If you have a lot of information you want to pass along to either customers, vendors, or clients, use as a way to capture your thoughts in an ebook.
  3. Trade publication or manual- Use it as a manual creator or trade publication that allows you to share your company credo, methods, or policies with others. In this way, it can serve as a legal aid as well by providing those you deal with a method of finding out how you do business, so that your B2B relations can improve.
  4. As a training manual- How about an online training manual for employees and independent contractors? Using Yumpu this way allows you to get the essential training materials in the hands of everyone who needs it, even if they are outsourced from thousands of miles away.
  5. As a Free courtesy to customers- One of the best uses you may get out of the system is the fact that you can offer something free to customers. Customers will appreciate you giving them information that will help them, without asking for anything in return.


As you can see, you can do a LOT with this online tool. Visit and see for yourself how easy it is. You just drag and drop your PDF file and they do the rest. But if you need help, they are there to help you anytime you need it. Just click on the CONTACT US button on the site and someone will get back to you soon.

So if you’re frustrated with other methods, want a simple way to have a free pdf flippingbook solution, and just focus on the creative process, or if you need a way to communicate with customers, vendors, and business partners, this is it! Go to today and check out the great features. The world is waiting to hear what you have to say and Yumpu makes it as simple as pie!

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