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Like all organization, we want our teams to feel united and like they all work cohesively as one. However, we have 34 offices globally employing over 2000 people and this puts a strain on internal communications. In order to maintain a healthy community of co-workers, one that allowed the people to understand each other, support each other, and to work more effectively together, we knew they needed to know more about each other. Effective internal communication helps ensure that all members of the organization are working collectively towards a common objective. It develops a company culture and empowers employees to make the right decisions in line with the organization’s goals. Also the there is a need to see branded and recognizable communication tools that supported unity in the company’s visual language. It’s a really tough call to finds the right solution, but I think we have and it is, AdFree.

Here are my reasons why you should use Yumpu AdFree

We struggled with intranets, newsletters and all manner of options until we found digital flippingbook publishing. Online magazines have allowed us to open up communications between all the different offices around the world. They have expanded the horizons of our teams to include what their peers are doing. Colleagues share ideas in these magazines, they share ambitions and the share personal stories and as a result the company works better together.

However, the problem with online flippingbook publishing service website is that they are often not private. You can’t, as a company, publish sensitive and often revealing internal information for everyone to see. You also often find with online publishing you can’t exclusively brand your work. We thought online magazines and flippingbooks where not an option for us until we discovered Yumpu’s AdFree service and now we have successfully created, and continue to create, stunning on brand and effective internal communications.

No third party advertisers

You do not have to share your publication with any other brand, not even Yumpu itself. The AdFree service means you can have total control over every page design, font choice and colors. For internal communications you can’t have adverts popping up everywhere as it undermines the work of the publication, its articles and your brand messaging. With AdFree all of this is removed, leaving you a blank canvas to create your own identity on. We have enjoyed exploring our branding and with it extending or visual identity.

Locked down content

The total control you have of the services gives you confidence. Our magazines are private, for our internal teams only, and we need to make sure they stay that way. By subscribing to AdFree we have total password protection of our content. We can also only give readers access to certain parts of our magazines that are relevant. We share an updated version of content and we share an update password, it is that easy. The offices around the world can also have tailored content and access allowing us to keep classified information, classified and some regional information only for regional offices. The flexibility of the service allows us a company to maximize the potential of the magazines without compromising security.

Functional and Practical

The AdFree service allows us as a company to share our magazines globally with the whole network of people we have and it then allows our readers, if they choose to, to either download a PDF of the whole magazine or just parts they wish to. We can customize each magazine to be shareable or not shareable on social media, which is terrific when we create an issue we are proud of and what the world to see.

Green is Key

Like all companies we have a responsibility to promote our sustainability policy whenever we can so by allowing certain pages to be printed and others not to be printed were saving resources.

Flippingbook publishing – simple, effective and fun

When it came to bringing a new service into the company we had to make sure it was easy to use by anyone who need to publish – and it was wonderful to find out just how easy Yumpu is to use.

Go to and follow the instructions to create a free account. This takes only a few minutes and only requires your basic information to get started like your email address or you can login in via social media or your Google account if you have one.   The account can be customized to represent the company, including logos, contact information, colors and fonts. Once you have done this you simply click on the link and upload the PDF format of your publication you want to share that is in a PDF format.

Depending on how large the PDF file is the upload may take around 5-10 minutes and then you are finished, you have a flippingbook ready to be embedded into your website, social media sites and even in email so you can send it directly to your readers.

With flippingbook publishing we have the potential of the digital format is revealed. allows you to maximize the flipbooks of your magazines you create by making them so easy to use and if you have any problems, there is online support at the click of a button.

We went straight ahead and signed up for the AdFree service and if you do to you will see just how simple, effective and fun publishing flippingbooks and magazines can be.

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