How To Turn A PDF File Into A Flippingbook Animation

While PDF files are a great way to showcase your work, they don’t work very well for multiple pages. It requires you to scroll down through the pages, which isn’t an efficient way of reading large documents since the scroll bar can be very sensitive an easy to navigate. The solution is to turn your PDF file into a flippingbook animation, which replicates a book on the reader’s screen.

Benefits of a Flippingbook Animation

Flippingbook animations are useful because they make reading large documents much easier. They even work for smaller documents that you want to look authenticate and feel real, such as a restaurant menu with turnable pages.

Flippingbook animations can display images in an organizationally efficient method than PDF files are capable of. They flow easier in the context of the document. This gives you a lot more freedom with graphical design and implementing a appealing layout for your readers.

Do to the layout, it’s more practical to include advertisements in your documents to offer support for your sponsors. You can even use extra space to offer advertisement deals to outside companies that might be interested in using the space.

Flippingbook animations are highly flexible and serve a vast amount of purposes. They can be comics, menus, books, brochures, manuals, and much more. Having the software available to convert your PDF document into a flippingbook at your hands gives you a lot more flexibility with your digital projects.

Flippingbooks also have a professional design that will really show off your company as someone that clients will want to do business with. Most websites don’t have animated documents implemented into their design, making animated flippingbooks a unique way to stand out among your competition. You will entice readers and market yourself at the same time.

If you use the right converter, you’ll find that creating a flippingbook can come with a bunch of extra advantages as well. Yumpu allows for reader tracking, website embedding, direct sharing, and much more. This is a lot more than what a standard PDF file can do for you.

Conversion is effortless and cost effective. You literally only have to push a couple of buttons to finish converting a PDF file into a readable document, taking just a few moments of your time. If you choose to go with Yumpu, it may not even cost you anything unless you decide to go for the premium user benefits that are completely optional.

Creating Your First Flippingbook

To create your first flippingbook, you need to start out by having a PDF file. There are several ways to convert a text document to a PDF. Some word processors will have an option to automatically convert it for you. You can also download Adobe software to create a PDF document. If neither of these options are available to you, a quick search online will find dozens of websites that will do the PDF conversion for you.

After you have your PDF file, head on over to You have a couple options when you get to the site. You can either create an account so that you can use the site advertisement free, or you can continue on as a unregistered user.

Now all you have to do is simply drag your PDF document into the upload panel. It will say “Drag a PDF on this area” so it shouldn’t be difficult to find. Once dragged onto it, give it a few seconds to read the document.

Afters, hit the “start upload” button to begin uploading your PDF document into the converter. At this point, if you chose not to create an account already you will need one. It doesn’t cost anything to create a free account, and you have the option to upgrade to premium later on only if you like the service. If you have already logged in, your PDF file will start to convert.

Afterwards, select the option that you’d like. In this case, you’d select to convert it into a flippingbook animation, but there are other options as well that you can use for future projects. After conversion, you can find it in your menu underneath the subsection “My Magazines”.

Using Your Flippingbook

Now that you have converted your PDF file into a flippingbook, millions of people across the globe will have access to it. With the right link, your readers will be able to easily access the flippingbook without much integration on your part.

For a website, all you have to do is post a link to your Yumpu flippingbook somewhere on the page. This is best done by using an image of the cover of your flippingbook, and then creating a link that when clicked will take the user to it. Highlight the border of the image so that it’s obvious that it’s a link, and once clicked the reader will gain full access to your flippingbook. If you want to get a bit more complex, Yumpu does offer some embed website tools that will allow you to display the flippingbook directly on your website but it takes a bit more time to implement.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be that complicated and you can give literally anyone access to it without having to go through a website. You can do something as simple as sending a friend a link to your flippingbook in a Facebook message, or just writing an email that includes your flippingbook link.


A great feature about Yumpu documents is the fact that you can see exactly how many people have viewed your flippingbook animation. Yumpu includes statistical tracking that records each viewer, and will show you the total views as well as the view count on a day to day basis. You can see exactly how effective your flippingbook is, and how big of an audience you are really reaching with it.

Multiple Documents

You don’t have to stick with a single flippingbook if you choose to take on multiple projects with Yumpu. You can upload as many files as you want to have them converted, and it never has to cost you a dime if you choose to continue on with the free service. It’s worth noting that you also can view the individual statistics of each document, or view how they’re doing as a whole. Yumpu also offers other documents besides flippingbooks if you decide to branch out a little bit on other projects.


Turning your PDF file into a readable book directly on a user’s screen is easier than ever and can be completely in under a couple minutes. With Yumpu, you can even do it for free! You’ll have access to a wide variety of tools and analytical software to help your marketing campaign. On the consumer side, your readers will find your documents much easier to read and more user-friendly. You can use Yumpu’s software to create as many documents as you’d like, and sharing them across the web is only a copy/paste away. Marketing yourself on the Internet is more important than ever for both small and large businesses, and with the help of your flippingbook animation you’ll be taking an enormous leap in the right direction.

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