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Everyone knows mobile is here to stay. All you have to do is share a photo on Twitter or Whatsapp video to your buddies and you are part of the change. Just look around you, everyone has a mobile and is using to engage with each other and with content.

That tiny computer in your hand you take everywhere with you has created a revolution in how we see, interact and live in the world today. The revolution has caused a change in how we consume and use information. According to a recent report, marketers see mobile optimization as the number one opportunity in 2016; yet they (like a lot of us) struggle with creating and delivering mobile friendly content.

Everywhere you look you will find articles and blogs telling you that mobile is the here and now and the go- to platform for web use, but there’s not much information about the best approaches to publishing content that is mobile-friendly. Well, look no further! You need only know one go-to service that will transform your online content. Yumpu AppKiosk for mobile publishing has changed the way I create and share content and it can do the same for you.

Mobile Publishing made easy and that looks fantastic

It’s hard to know where to start to keep up with the mobile boom and I struggled for a long time to see how I could connect with people on their mobiles. I am a magazine editor and I have multiple digital publications that I manage. Up until last month all the publication where designed for desktops because that was what I was trained to do. That was what we all did; take our magazines from print to digital, to a desktop.

How wrong I was in thinking this way. About 3 years ago I was at a conference in San Francisco talking to a few other editors I knew and one of them asked the question “what are your plans to go mobile looking like?” We all laughed. “Mobile!” Who will want to read magazines on a phone!?” How right he was and how stupid we were. Over the last three years I had been increasing hearing from our reads that the experience they have on mobiles needs to improve, that our publication looked terrible and that the user experience was non-existent.

To take so many magazines, designed and laid out for desktop use, and to convert them for mobile devices to me seemed like a mountain that I could not climb. Even worse, it seemed like a very expensive problem   The same person who ask me what my mobile plan look like for the future introduced me to a website called I spent a couple of hours going over and over again what I saw because I cannot believe that this one website was the solution to all my problems. With Yumpu I now have uploaded over 200 digital magazines and have created a complete suite of accessible usable and enjoyable publications that are totally mobile responsive. I’ve never been happier than the day I discovered this site because it meant I did not have to compromise my existing work, I could start with a whole range for people to enjoy. I know they have enjoyed them because the reviews I’ve had from readers have been fantastic. Now I enjoy going to conferences and speaking with my fellow editors and when they ask me what my mobile plan is for the future I will tell them simply

My App gives me access to 400 Million mobile devices!

If this all seems too good to be true you have to stick with me and read on, believe me the services I have had through Yumpu have allowed me to be 100% mobile device friendly with my flippingbooks. Let me guide you through the features that I use and the benefits they have given me and then you can go online and try it for yourself it only takes a minute. Okay, so the first thing you have to get is the AppKiosk. It allows you to create your own app and you can reach over 400,000,000 mobile devices. That is an incredible opportunity not to be missed.

The other wonderful thing about having your own app is that it completely and utterly can reflect your corporate design or magazines visual identity. It’s your app so you can design it to look exactly how you want and then the app that you design and that represents your company, or each individual magazine, goes straight into the Apple Store with your app name and your icon. Imagine that, all your magazines have their very own app – incredible.

The speed with which the AppKiosk works is supersonic. You can update the latest magazines and catalogues directly onto the app with just one click and get published live on every single device instantly. Another incredible thing about shifting into mobile publishing was the realization the apps work absolutely fine without Wi-Fi or cell signal. Simply by downloading the magazines your readers can read them off line, meaning they can read your publications whenever and now however they want.

Now I have the facilities for mobile publishing the sky is the limit! I now have readers of my magazines in countries all over the world that I never dreamed I could access. The apps in the Apple Store has created a global market place for me. My readers are delighted with the magazines. My advertisers are ecstatic with the results and the publication house I work for couldn’t be happier with the figures from the subscriptions I am achieving. I know this may all seem far-fetched but it’s true, and you have to try it for yourself so turn on your computer and follow this quick guide.

It’s so easy to have success with flippingbook mobile publishing

Go to and follow the instructions to create a free account. This takes only a few minutes and only requires your basic information to get started like your email address or you can login in via social media or your Google account if you have one.  

The account can be customized to represent the company, including logos, contact information, colors and fonts. Once you have done this you simply click on the link and upload the PDF format of your publication you want to share.

Depending on how large the PDF file is the upload may take around 5-10 minutes and then you are finished, you have a digital flippingbook of your magazine ready to go on the shelf.

Try out the free trial of the WebKiosk, is means you can experience the full spectrum of what is available for you. You can link, add social media, and collate newsletter subscribers and blog followers. There are virtually no limits to what you can do with your own online personalized WebKiosk.

The AppKiosk is an additional service, request to have a play with the free demo they offer. The test version of the APPKiosk gives you a demo app you can view APPKiosk solution featuring your own magazines live on your iPhone or iPad. Once you see your magazines being used on tablets you will never look back.

I know it may all seem like a lot to do, but really I can’t reassure you enough how simple, quick, affordable and function the services are. My only regret I have now about flippingbook mobile publishing is that I wish I had started doing it sooner.

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