Turn Your Hobby Into A Business With Digital Flippingbooks

Have you got a passion? Do you spend all your time researching, building and curating a collection you things you adore? Do you love old Italian cars or 1950’s clocks? Do you enjoy collecting stamps or documenting French history? 

Each one of us I know has a private passion, if you look online you know you’re not alone in having these hobbies and interests – there are so many blogs. But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to share all the work you do with many more people? People who will be interested in what you have done? But where to find these like-minded individuals who will appreciate your work – you need to really spread your net to find your crowd and sometimes a simple blog just won’t cut it.  Can you imagine if you could find these people and also at the same time maybe earn a little money?  Well I know how you can!

I had always loved collecting vintage clothing. I travelled around to find the perfect items to add to my collection. I knew that I could do more with what I had and I knew I should share my story and that people would be interested.  So one day I decided to look into writing all I knew down and blogged, like you are supposed to right? Well it seems like I was talking to an empty room.  I almost gave up then I discovered a website called and through this website I now create digital flippingbooks, beautiful magazines that show my collection in front of over 11 million readers worldwide! Too good to be true? Reads on my friend…

Sharing digital flippingbooks will make your blog better

It may sound vain and a little arrogant but I knew that what I had collected, over the last 15 years, would be of interest to people. I knew that people should see what I had and understand the stories behind the items of clothing in my collection.  There are lots of websites dedicated to collectibles and vintage clothing – I had a blog that did the same. But they’re all quite flat and unenjoyable.  I was frustrated that the world that I loved, the world of vintage clothing, looked so dull when it was interesting and full of character and color.

I wanted to find a way to allow people to touch, engage and enjoy all the things that I had found and creating digital flippingbooks, my very own beautiful magazines online, through has allowed me to do this. They are digital ‘tools’, so you have to know how to use them for best effect and teaches you and guides you every step of the way. 

Once you have them you can begin to experiment with sharing them and posting them then you really will start to notice a change. Other people I have spoken to agree and now use Yumpu to. I am so proud of the work I have done in creating these magazines I feel that I have been able to share my story and to educate others in what I have collected and what I know about the clothes I have.

But it doesn’t just stop with what I collect, if you collect cars, golf clubs, walking-sticks, stamps or even records people out there would like to know what you have done.  I would like to see what you have collected and by creating digital flippingbooks at home you can publish and share your collection to 11,000,000 people around the world!

Free unlimited digital magazine creation

The benefits of using for me have been the quality of the flippingbooks.  Without me having a clue how technology really works (I collect vintage clothes – that does not scream tech savvy!) I can create super magazines.  

They look outstanding and give my ‘hobby’ a really professional feel. I can create small videos at home and then I embed these into my magazines,  not only allowing readers to see the still photography of the items,  they can also see the clothing being worn, walked in, and  danced in allowing them to get a better sense of what I have.

They also get far more enjoyment out of learning about what I have collected and the history surrounding the items.   With I have created multiple magazines because there this on limited the amount that you can create you can create. Every single magazine it also viewable on tablets and mobiles and they are gear up to be search engine optimized – it’s a dream.

Being online is not new for me because I have always had a blog. Like many people interested in collections of vintage clothing and like many people with collections and hobbies the world over, blogging was a great way to interact or engage with like-minded people who also collected. The problem is my blog lacked something and it looked the same as everybody else’s.  Therefore, as a direct result I grew tired of updating it and I had hardly a single follower on twitter. But now I create digital magazines all I have to do is simply embed the magazine inside my existing blog and wait for the traffic to come rolling in and the tweets and re tweets to take off.   

Because of the simplicity of the services from Yumpu it doesn’t add extra work for me. My hubby has not become a chore or a bother, it’s become something I enjoy even more and it turns out people out there enjoy it too.  I have people from all over the world now get in touch with me to talk about what I have and to help me grow my collection.  I have even had people travel to meet me to see what I have because they found my magazine on the Yumpu website. It’s lovely sharing what you have with other people and it’s great learning from other people and Yumpu flipbook publishing has allowed me to do that.

Here are you 3 easy steps to start turning your hobby into your business

One: Go to, once you’re there you will need to create an account.  This takes just a few minutes.  You can sign in using your email account your Google Account if you have one or any of your social media profiles.

Two: Once you have an account all you then need to do is simply upload any PDF of your collection or your hobby, your newsletters, photo albums or blog articles- whatever you have just try it. Give it a couple of minutes and then you will have at your first ever digital flipbook. I loved the first time I could move from page to page, zoom in-and-out of my work.  It made my work look professional and sleek.  Now you have one flipbook you can take that add embedded directly into your existing blog or you can email it directly to friends and other people who enjoy your enthusiasm for your hobby.  I can’t express how much I enjoy using the ad-free version. You should really try the 30 day free trial.

Three: So step one created the account and step two created the first flipbook and step three is how you turn your hobby into a business. 

Well, you just start sharing your content and your collections.  The more you share your digital flippingbooks through social media channels, on blogs and via emails the more people you will be in contact with and the more people will want to talk to you about what you have collected what you have curated and what you have available to offer them and others like them. 

In the space of 5 years I went from a full-time worker with the hubby to somebody who now works part-time and also has a part-time business and shop sharing researching and developing a fantastic collection of vintage clothing.  You are not alone in your passion or hobby and sharing what you have and know with the world could be the best thing you ever do.

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