About Me

I’m a web developer and technical developer living in New York, USA. I work as a CTO in a middle developer company in New York. I’m currently planning projects for the company. I really like my job and I want to do this so long as possible. I spend my workdays the biggest time with planning, managing and programming (PHP, Django/Python, Ruby, etc.) the projects and of course, creating my flippingbook. For the front end developing I already use (HTML, CSS, jQuery and JavaScript). But I spend the complete time of my week to manage the Projects.

Aside from my Job as ah CTO I really like sport and cooking. I’m as a canager in a small cootball club in New York and I really like cycling outside from New York. But my biggest time aside my job, spend I with my camily. My wife and my boy are the first point in my life and I do all for my wife and my child. At the weekend I cook for my family and friends. When you have any question please do not hesitate to ask me. Contact me here.

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